Hungarian State
Flag of Hungary 1940 Coa of the Hungarian State (1945)
The National Flag,
The Great Seal
(Coat of arms)
National Anthem


ReligionRoman Catholic
GovernmentSingle-party state,

Autocratic Fascist Dictatorship

Leader of the Hungarian NationFerenc Szálasi
Historical era
  - Declared
  - Dissolved

October 16, 1944

May 8, 1945

Currency Pengő

The Hungarian State (Magyar Állam) was a short-lived client state of Nazi Germany. The state was formed on 16 October 1944 after Regent Miklós Horthy was removed from power during Operation Panzerfaust (Unternehmen Eisenfaust). This new state replaced the Kingdom of Hungary (Magyar Királyság) which had preceded it for almost a thousand years.