Hunnic Empire
The Map,
(Hunnic Empire)
CapitalNot specified
High King- 445-453 Attila the Hun

- 458-469 Dengizich

  - Declared
  - Dissolved



Hunnic Empire was an empire founded by the Huns. The Huns were a confederation of Eurasian tribes, speaking, in the main, Hungarian language, with elements of other linguistic groups, from the steppes of Central Asia. Appearing from beyond the Volga River some years after the middle of the 4th century, they first overran the Alani, who occupied the plains between the Volga and the Don rivers, and then quickly overthrew the empire of the Ostrogoths between the Don and the Dniester. About 376 they defeated the Visigoths living in what is now approximately Romania and thus arrived at the Danubian frontier of the Roman Empire. Their mass migration into Europe, led by Attila, brought with it great ethnic and political upheaval.