Slovak Soviet Republic
Socialist red flag
The National Flag,
(Red flag)
Official-languageSlovak, Hungarian
GovernmentSoviet socialist republic
LeaderAntonín Janoušek
  - Declared
  - Dissolved

June 16, 1919

July 7, 1919

The Slovak Soviet Republic (Slovak: Slovenská republika rád, Hungarian: Szlovák Tanácsköztársaság, literally: "Slovak Republic of Councils" - the name originated before the Russian word soviet (council) became widespread in Slovak and other languages) comprised a very short-lived communist state in south and eastern Slovakia from 16 June to 7 July 1919, with its capital in Prešov, and headed by the Czech journalist Antonín Janoušek.

Proclamation of the Slovak Soviet Republic in Prešov.After the confusions of 1918, the army of the newly-formed Czechoslovakia received orders to gain full control over Upper Hungary. A successful attack of the Red Guards (see Hungarian Soviet Republic) led to the occupation of a large part of the lost territories and the setting up of the Slovak Soviet Republic. After negotiating with the Entente powers the Hungarian Soviet Republic's Red Guards retired to Hungary, the Czechoslovak army occupied the area, and the Slovak Soviet Republic ceased to exist.